Mayeco Magnetic Windows

mayeco3Magnetic window insulation is provided by Mayeco Magnetic Windows.  We only install Magnetite® products, which use the same insulating principles as your refrigerator door to keep out sound, allergens and help you save money on your energy bills.

The patented magnetic window insulation edging secures a clear sheet of optical grade, virgin acrylic inside of the edging. This edging is secured magnetically against a metal frame which is installed on the interior of your existing window casing. They are practically invisible, yet they insulate your home against the outer elements and maintain the interior conditions better than any other insulating alternative.

Mayeco Magnetic Windows has been supplying and installing these insulating marvels for over 20 years. We not only provide this superior insulating window, we also install your window insulation as well. Our windows and service are backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

The Mayeco Magnetic Window System out-performs every replacement or storm window on the market today. Mayeco Magnetic Windows are magnetically mounted and sealed windows that are the only alternative to replacing windows to make them thermally energy efficient. The magnetic windows add an extra layer of insulation to your windows by using an air-tight magnetic seal which attaches an optical grade acrylic panel to the inside of your existing windows.

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