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 Amish Cabinets of Denver and Texas began as an Amish Furniture company over 10 years ago in Houston. Over the years it became apparent that we could offer customer the highest grade of cabinetry at an affordable price. We then tailored our business to sell only custom cabinets.

amishcabinetsmiddleThe process starts by first getting the customer a bid and design. We feel strongly that the customer deserves to know their costs upfront. Therefore, we do not charge for our bids or design, in fact we encourage our customer to take our designs and get good comparative bids. We are confident that after some research, our customer will appreciate the product we offer and choose us as their cabinet company.


AmishCabinetsofTexaswhiteIn the woodworking industry, Amish built is synonymous with q uality and the cabinet speak for themselves. We are confident that given the opportunity we will pleasantly shock customers with our quality, price and flexibility. The shops motto is “bring us a picture and we will build it”.

Cabinets are often judged by their functionality. Since our cabinets are built to an 1/8th of an inch, there is virtually no need for filler board, thus adding a great deal of usable storage. There is wide variety of options to choose from in the world of cabinet features. amishcabinetsoftexaslogo